21 Nov 2022

Project managers are experts at getting things done. They aren’t the proverbial “idea’s person” that sits in an empty room all day just dreaming up new ideas. They are the people that turn those unformed ideas into real products and solutions. 

02 Nov 2022

All successful software products have two things in common. First, they are developed in response to a real need that is being underserved in the marketplace, and second, they fill that niche in a manner that is profitable for the developer while meeting or exceeding end user expectations for functionality and quality. Achieving that outcome is a complex undertaking that requires diverse skills. 

28 Oct 2022

Since our inception in 2009, we at Unosquare, LLC have always believed in the power of trust. Throughout the years, we’ve consistently and diligently worked hard to deliver what our clients genuinely deserve. It’s because of their tremendous support that we celebrate a fantastic recognition today.

17 Oct 2022

Market forces are demanding faster software development. DevOps is how companies of all sizes are able to keep up without sacrificing quality — but finding the right talent is still a challenge that needs to be resolved first by understanding what DevOps is and how it works.

01 Oct 2022

Building an amazing software product or service is never easy, but a robust quality assurance program helps developers efficiently avoid many common pitfalls

12 Sep 2022

Whether you are looking to complete a project under the framework of standard project management principles or an adapted methodology, like Agile for software development, you need to consider that there is always a high probability for project failure.

19 Aug 2022

The goal of DevOps is to improve collaboration and communication between development and operations teams to deliver software that is high quality by eliminating risks and lowering costs. DevOps initiatives have evolved over the last two decades allowing teams to become more efficient, innovative, and effectively iterate. As existing development systems age, DevOps processes continue to mature which eliminates certain risks and creates transparency. In this post we will look at what is a DevOps lifecycle, a maturity model, the components and phases of that model, and how you can measure its success.

28 Jul 2022

The product backlog is critically important to the success of a project. It ensures your team is working on the most important and valuable tasks. Understanding how to best create and organize your product backlog is key to planning out development work and knowing what you need to do to deliver the best quality product. Here’s what you need to know about product backlog items in Scrum. 

20 Jul 2022

LGTM is an acronym that’s often part of GitHub code reviews. Many code authors and reviewers are familiar with it. The problem? Sometimes, these four letters aren’t enough to provide full context. You need to have a solid process in place to be able to use the acronym well. Keep reading to learn what LGTM means, and how you can leverage it as part of an effective code review process for your next project.

01 Jun 2022

1. Context and requirements

Recently, a client had the need to enable users to register/login without an email on a platform built upon the .NET stack using ASP.NET Identity. The scenario is easy to understand: Most of your target users won't have an email account but they will have a phone number available.